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Mining is a tough job but it is even tougher when mining with equipment that is not fit for purpose. Underground mining can be considered even tougher with so many unique conditions, situations and challenges. If not overcome they could jeopardise the mining operation and even affect the health and safety of your workers.

Let 3B make your job easier.

3B Fabrications is an engineering company that manufactures and repairs equipment for the underground mining industry. We design and engineer the whole process from start to finish so that any specification you require can be considered.

Specialising in the production and maintenance of QDS equipment and other mining equipment, we pride ourselves in the efficiency, safety and superior outcomes that our service delivers and also improvements in productivity and the massive reduction in manual handling it provides.


There is a distinct line between quality and quantity and so far, we have successfully blended both. Read More....


There is no doubt that mining underground is filled with many challenges. Read More....


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A purpose designed and built pod for the treatment of human waste in an underground mining environment where there is a constant supply of air and the availability of water.

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