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There is no doubt that mining underground is filled with many challenges especially in low seam heights. Some of these challenges are inclined to be hazardous while others are plain difficult. 3B offer safe, efficient and highly productive equipment for all your underground mining tasks.

With a team of highly qualified experts, diversified in various fields and disciplines, allow us to turn your mud map or idea into a working piece of equipment by; drafting a professional detailed CAD drawing, analysing these designs so they are fit for the purpose and manufacturing first rate equipment without any compromise on quality.

Some of our services include;

  • Design, Drafting, Engineering and Manufacture of Fabricated Equipment for Mining Civil and Construction.
  • Repairs and Certified Modification to Mining Equipment (QDS, RAS, MIS, KAT as well as material handling equipment)
  • Overhauling of tired and out of service equipment.
  • Servicing, auditing and commissioning of mining equipment.
  • Full blast and paint service.
  • Reverse engineering of existing equipment in service.
  • Supply of plant safety files for new and refurbished equipment.
  • Hire of specialised mining equipment, winches, secondary support bolting platforms

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